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  • Portrait of Nadya Repina, the Artist's Daughter

  • Portrait of Jelizaveta Zvantseva

  • A boy playing the balalaika

  • A Belorussian. Portrait of Sidor Shavrov

  • Monochrome Sketch Of The Terrorist Attack In 1916 On King Albert I Of Belgium

  • Portrait of Leo Tolstoy

  • Portrait Of The Artist Vasily Levy

  • Portrait Of A Woman

  • Zaporozhian Cossack

  • Children

  • Portrait of actor and dramatist Grigory Grigorievich Ghe

  • Portrait of O. S. Aleksandrova-Geins

  • Girl with Flowers. Daughter of the Artist

  • Portrait of actress Eleonora Duse

  • Portrait of the Artist A. P. Bogolubov 1

  • Portrait of the Artist Pavel Tchistyakov

  • Portrait of Vera Repina

  • Portrait of writer Vladimir Grigorievich Chertkov

  • Portrait of the Author Vladimir Korolemko

  • Portrait of E. Zvantseva

  • Portrait of Ivan Zvetkov

  • Portrait of Polixena Stasova

  • A Peasant with an Evil Eye

  • Female Head Etude for Picture

  • Portrait of A. Gallen-Kallela

  • A Newspaper Seller in Paris

  • Ukranian Girl

  • Head of woman (study)

  • Portrait of Dante. Study

  • Portrait of E. Mamontova
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