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View of Toledo, 1599 by El Greco (Doménikos Theotokopoulos) (1541-1614, Greece) | Reproductions El Greco (Doménikos Theotokopoulos) | WahooArt.com

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View of Toledo, 1599 by El Greco (Doménikos Theotokopoulos) (1541-1614, Greece) | Reproductions El Greco (Doménikos Theotokopoulos) | WahooArt.com
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"View of Toledo"

El Greco (Doménikos Theotokopoulos) - Oil - 121 x 109 cm - 1599 - (Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, United States))

El Greco was born in Greece but had a special connection to Toledo, where he lived and worked for most of his life, it is one of only two landscape paintings that survived and its depiction of the sky has been well known and appreciated in Western Art. In Spain, it was rare to find landscape paintings during the Baroque and Renaissance period so this may be the first landscape painting of its time. It depicts the Spanish city of Toledo, melting a cityscape into a landscape, it is not a faithful portrayal of the city but rather combines the different landmarks that characterize it. The cathedral stands to the left of the Alcázar (the royal palace), the ancient Alcántara Bridge stands over the river Tagus and on the other side stands the Castle of San Servando. However, it is the sky and the landscape that dominates the frame. Using dark and moody colours, the rolling hills are dark green and extend towards the horizon and the dark sky is full of clouds that are about to break open and shower rain over the grey city. Some have speculated that this reflects mysticism, that Toledo is about to undergo a reckoning from god's wrath but also shows the inner conflict that is within each person.

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