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"Incantation", Oil by Charles Sheeler (1883-1965, United States)

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Precisionism Charles Sheeler , Oil Charles Sheeler
'Incantation', Oil by Charles Sheeler (1883-1965, United States)
Precisionism Charles Sheeler , Oil Charles Sheeler

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Charles Rettew Sheeler, Jr. (July 16, 1883 – May 7, 1965) was an American artist. He is recognized as one of the founders of American modernism and one of the master photographers of the 20th century.

Born in Philadelphia, he attended the Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art, now the University of the Arts (Philadelphia), from 1900 to 1903, and then the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied under William Merritt Chase. He found early success as a painter and exhibited at the Macbeth Gallery in 1908. In 1909, he went to Paris, just when the popularity of Cubism was skyrocketing. Returning to the United States, he realized that he would not be able to make a living with Modernist painting. Instead, he took up commercial photography, focusing particularly on architectural subjects. He was a self-taught photographer, learning his trade on a five dollar Brownie.

Sheeler owned a farmhouse in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, about 39 miles outside Philadelphia. He shared it with his longtime friend the artist Morton Schamberg (1881–1918), who died in the influenza epidemic of 1918. He was so fond of the home's 19th century stove that he called it his "companion" and made it a subject of his photographs. The farmhouse serves a prominent role in many of his photographs, including shots of the bedroom and kitchen and stairway. At one point he was quoted as calling it "my cloister."

Sheeler painted using a technique that complemented his photography. He was a self-proclaimed Precisionist, a term that emphasized the linear precision he employed in his depictions. As in his photographic works, his subjects were generally material things such as machinery and structures. He was hired by the Ford Motor Co. to photograph and make paintings of their factories.
[Biography - Charles Sheeler - 3Ko]
Charles Sheeler Rettew, Jr. (16 Juillet 1883 - 7 mai 1965) était un artiste américain. Il est reconnu comme l'un des fondateurs du modernisme américain et l'un des meilleurs photographes du 20e siècle. Né à Philadelphie, il a assisté à la Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art, aujourd'hui l'Université des Arts (Philadelphie), de 1900 à 1903,...
[Biography - Charles Sheeler - 4Ko]
Charles Sheeler Rettew, Jr. (16. Juli 1883 - 7. Mai 1965) war ein amerikanischer Künstler. Er gilt als einer der Begründer der amerikanischen Moderne und einer der Meister-Fotografen des 20. Jahrhunderts anerkannt. In Philadelphia geboren, besuchte er die Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art, heute Universität der Künste (Philadelphia), 190...
[Biography - Charles Sheeler - 3Ko]
Rettew Charles Sheeler, Jr. (16 luglio 1883 - 7 maggio 1965) è stato un artista americano. Egli è riconosciuto come uno dei fondatori del modernismo americano e uno dei maestri fotografi del 20 ° secolo. Nato a Philadelphia, ha frequentato la Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art, ora l'Università delle Arti (Philadelphia), dal 1900 al 1...
[Biography - Charles Sheeler - 3Ko]
Charles Sheeler Rettew, Jr. (julio 16to, 1883-5 7, 1965) fue un artista estadounidense. Es reconocido como uno de los fundadores del modernismo americano y uno de los maestros fotógrafos del siglo 20. Nacido en Filadelfia, asistió a la Escuela de Pensilvania Museo de Arte Industrial, ahora la Universidad de las Artes (Filadelfia), de 1900 a 1903, y...
[Biography - Charles Sheeler - 3Ko]
Чарльз Rettew Sheeler-младший (16 июля 1883 - 7 мая 1965) американский художник. Он признан одним из основателей американского модернизма, и один из мастер фотографов 20 века. Родился в Филадельфии, он посещал школу штата Пенсильвания Музей художественно-промышленном училище, в настоящее время университет искусств (Филадельфия), с 1900 по 1903 год,...
[Biography - Charles Sheeler - 3Ko]
Rettew Sheeler,小查尔斯(1883年7月16日 - 1965年5月7日)是美国的艺术家。他是公认的美国现代主义的创始人之一,20世纪的摄影大师之一。 出生在费城,他参加了宾夕法尼亚州工业美术博物馆学校,现在艺术大学(费城),从1900年到1903年,然后在宾夕法尼亚美术学院,师从威廉Merritt追逐研究。他发现,作为一个画家早期的成功,并于1908年在麦克白画廊展出。 1909年,他去了巴黎,当立体主义的普及是暴涨。回到美国后,他意识到,他将无法与现代主义绘画的生活。相反,他接受了商业摄影,特别是在建筑主体为重点。他是一位自学成才的摄影师,学习他的贸易上的5美元布朗尼。 Sheeler宾夕法尼亚州的Doylestown,拥有一间农舍,外费城约39英里。他与他的老朋友艺术家Sc...
[Biography - Charles Sheeler - 2Ko]
Charles Rettew Sheeler, Jr. (16 de julho de 1883 - 7 de maio de 1965) foi um artista americano. Ele é reconhecido como um dos fundadores do modernismo americano e um dos fotógrafos mestre do século 20. Nascido na Filadélfia, ele participou da Pennsylvania School Museum of Art Industrial, agora, a University of the Arts (Philadelphia), de 1900 a 190...
[Biography - Charles Sheeler - 3Ko]
チャールズRettewシーラー、ジュニア(1883年7月16日 - 1965年5月7日)アメリカのアーティストだった。彼はアメリカのモダニズムの創始者の一人と20世紀のマスターの写真家の一人として認識されている。 フィラデルフィアで生まれ、彼は現在、産業アートのペンシルベニア州博物館の学校、1900年から1903年まで芸術大学(フィラデルフィア)、、と彼はウィリアムメリットチェースに師事ペンシルヴェニア美術アカデミーに出席した。彼は画家としての初期の成功を発見し、1908年にマクベスギャラリーで展示。 1909年、彼はキュビスムの人気が急騰していたちょうどその時、パリに行きました。米国に戻って、彼はモダニズム絵画で生計を立てることができないことに気付きました。その代わり、彼は特に建築の主題を...
[Biography - Charles Sheeler - 2Ko]


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"Incantation", Oil by Charles Sheeler (1883-1965, United States)
Charles Sheeler